America: Land of the Deluded, Drugged, and Home of the Slave?

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    National Pride Dead?  

usflag We pledge our allegiance

We did it during the school year. We did it During summer vacation and we received free sack lunches every day at our neighborhood parks. We knew ours was a great country. We were all damn  proud to be Americans then.

We were always glad to start the day with the flag salute.

It gave us identity and made us equal. One Nation, Under God, Indivisible,

With Liberty, and Justice For All.

 Even on the playground the flag salute applied. In team sports each team played as one unit. Nobody cheated and if anyone did try to cheat, the rest of us knew we’d get justice.

                                           Unity, Justice, Liberty (Recess)!

 Fast forward 40 years. Not only has the flag salute been shamefully removed from most handheartof our kids’ classrooms, it’s now a Punishable crime to even refer to “GOD” on Public School property in a good many districts across the states. (They might offend someone) Kids that do mention God are often humiliated, lectured, even sent home for their Infraction- even the Kinders! A couple months back a famous parent shared details of how his 5 year old Grandson was expelled along with his recess playmate for 2 weeks for pretending to be dueling with Light Sabers! Seriously?… Yes. The parents were ordered to meet the Superintendent and the District shrink recommended counseling!

                                                     It’s just damn nuts!

NWO Attacks our Parental Rights!

Drugging Our Sons and Daughters at School

Truth Revealed!

 The next big plan of the Npills-medicineWO cabal, is to take the parents out of the equation altogether, by taking health care decisions out of the hands of parents. It will soon be required of all parents that children will be administered drugs by the schools’ hired psychiatrists, therapists’ and school nursing staff. Each school will have in house pharmacopoeia and/or district run pharmacies. So if my girls are tired one day, the teacher would request the psychiatrist consult with them, resulting in my girls being forced to take whichever pill they determine.

 No specific date has been set that I can find but once I find out, I will let you all know. The only lead I have is “in the near future” and to me that suggests implementation before the new President takes the Oath of office. So be forewarned: if your kids are healthy, active, and do their best in school (but the teacher and nurse thinks that they’re a bit too active or slow) Their public school will “treat” them with whatever RX or combo thereof, that they see fit so you won’t have to!

Can you believe this crap?

If you, the parent, protest or don’t just go along to get along, you may risk losing custody of your kids.  

  “My Country Tis Of Thee”

 My country, ’tis of thee, Sweet land of Liberty, Of thee I sing;

Land where my fathers died, Land of the pilgrims’ pride,

From ev’ry  mountainside, Let freedom ring!,

Our fathers’ God to Thee, Author of liberty, To Thee we sing.

Long may our land be bright, With freedom’s holy light,

Protect us by Thy might, Great God our King.


I know, Sounds crazy right?

  Hell yes it’s crazy! As much as I’d like to believe it is, this is not a rumor. “They” could never get by with something that abhorrent, right? Well yes, yes they can and yes they will. It’s the same way childhood vaccines poison kids- with doses large enough to kill a horse.

A mother and Father in Oklahoma recently were forced to bury their infant son who died as a result of being “over vaccinated” and child deaths in general are becoming more common around the world. Infant mortality rates are crazy high since the free vaccines became common (thanks in part to the Gates”) in 3rd worls countries too. Children (including newborns) that are vaccinated, are at risk for death by way of SIDS (they shut the body systems down), autism, and a plethora of other syndromes. The Corporate RX industries (the Globalists) have kept the lethality of vaccinations a secret for years. They are getting the results they want. I would rather my child get the disease than the vaccine. At least we have cures for most of them. It’s a gamble either way I guess, but changing my own kids diaper into adulthood would be a nightmare.

A little hard to swallow, I know.

I can tell you that many parents have had wonderful, healthy, normal babies only to have them severely harmed once given vaccines. Study the data and find out for yourself. This is not just happening in the U.S.- it’s world-wide! Europe, Africa anywhere that free vaccine programs are being administered.


It seems Agenda 21 is ramping up sooner rather than later.

Agenda 21 could be the worst attack ever perpetrated on the American people, but the masses for the most part have never even heard about it. The US jumped onto  NATOs’ de-population train in the early 90’s. The mainstream media have kept it off the news and out of Print. You must know that the main stream media are owned, controlled and run by the Globalists. These evil doers actually believe that their rightful inheritance should be the entire Earth. 

Eventually, The NWO Masters will cull not just special needs children and adults, but for sure, the
sick, dying and the elderly. You may have heard of Agenda 21. If not, you should start doing research now. During the early Agenda 2190s, NATO members voted for Agenda 21. The masses won’t even notice it because of decades of psy- ops conditioning, brain washing, and subliminal training through the TV. They won’t see it until it’s far too late! In fact the masses think we are nut-case conspiracy theorists! Our advice? Look up Conspiracy then look up theorists’. I swear it’s the most miss-used and abused phrase of all time! Geez! A close friend of ours openly admits that he doesn’t want to learn the truth! “It’s just too scary and depressing!”

Folks would rather be distracted by football than to know what’s going on in their Republic (where majority rules) at least it’s supposed to. Apathy and complacency are exactly what the “Secret Rulers” want. Ostriches! The truth is inconvenient. The truth is too horrible. Insert head in sand.

Me? I just think of all the boys and men whose bloods’ been shed, to preserve and support This Republic we call The United States of America, and for what she stands. I feel ashamed for the loss of our liberties, lack of justice, and lack of GOD.

 New World order Globalists are making headway in their quest to break down our individual wills, our freedom to be ourselves, and our right to disagree with the “Feds”.  Don’t people know that they (the dark rulers) regularly commit atrocities to stir up society, to raise the fear of the masses by means of false flag events and other carefully planned deceptions?  The controlled media, print

Take a stand press and radio personalities are complacent and lacking in ethics, and morality. Not all but most, there are plenty of examples. They have corrupted the masses through the use of advertising, consumerism, amoral television, police brutality and subliminal programming. The morals and values of the people have been replaced with apathy, complacency, gluttony, sloth, immorality, sexual deviance, and drug dependence.

The time to act is now!

These guys are sending tons of armaments to Al-Qaeda right now, all the while trying to get the 2nd
amendment revoked here! Do you See the hypocrisy?  Do you really trust them? Your elected leaders are supposed to be employees of the people. Are they speaking and doing what you want? Have they ever defended your interests? If not, you’d better speak up while you can.

       It’s time for us all to stand up and be counted.

 As always we want to hear what our citizens think be it good or bad.

Share your opinions and thoughts in the comments below.

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