Bug Out Bag Basics

 ♥Bug Out Bag Checklist- Adults and Kids♥

You know BOB! ♦INCH is his big sister~ Inch is “I’M NEVER COMING HOME”s’ Bag!

Today I’m going to tell you what I have in my bug out bag! If you landed here it’s because you want to be ready for that time when you have made the decision to follow through with leaving your home to avoid being killed or rounded up. You and your family are determined to survive! You have already planned a destination go to place and your closest family members and friends have that information as well.


You have already moved your food cache and tools to your off grid destination. Once you make the decision to bug out, your’e going to activate whatever signal/notification you have pre-arranged with your own people. Your first responsibility when you grab your backpack is to evade capture and not lead any stalkers to your destination. For all you know- members of your party may already be there. Furthermore, you have several routes worked out-whether you drive, ride, or walk. What is in your bug out bag? Necessary items only. Keep reading.

gods country

The pack should be light enough to carry. It should be a neutral color and be free of reflectors. You are wearing an extra few articles of clothing to save room in your bag. If you don’t have a BOB yet- print this and start acquiring everything you possibly can on this bug out bag checklist. Get everything out and look long and hard at your stuff and ask yourself if you really need it. Then get started packing. If you don’t have a destination and a plan, that should be your #1 priority.  Don’t put it off . Don’t forget to mark their position on your GPS .  Check for a free app at the Google App store. Mark the position first, so you don’t forget where it is! Then write it down until you memorize it. No electronics should go with
supply cacheyou because it’s all trackable.  You can do this- you just have to be practical.The items you pack in the crates include: your large rifles, ammo, solar preps ie: generator, lamps, camp stove crank style-am/fm radio,  cooking pots, tin plates, utensils, water, water filtrationcotstarps, tent, barter items, oils, dried foods including dried meat, sugar, sleeping bags, pillows, blankets, soaps, medical kits (however many RXs’ you can get), coloring books with colors, paper, pens, little things the kids may need. Take what you cannot stand to go without on a camping trip!

Remember your glasses if you wear contacts. Take time fillers and paper and pencils, deck of cards, dice, a good survival book, maps, zip lock bags, sewing kit, a few skeins wool yarn, coffee, drink mix, personal hygiene items, sani-pads, birth control, condoms, gardening tools and  seeds for veggies, fruits, healing herbs, a bucket or large tub, salt & spices, bleach or other disinfectant, water purifying tablets, tools such as saw, ax, hatchet, machete, tackle box and fishing poles, tarps, Duct tape, electrical tape, nails,screws, wire, nails, rope, block & tackle, eating & cooking utensils, tarps, shovel,  whatever you think you will need for long term survival. You pick which go in the buried cache and which you want in your BOB.

 Moms~ Exercise Restraint, No Kitchen Sinks Allowed! 

If you have children or babies- you need cloth diapers, and a few larger size clothes and shoes. Take Warm winter clothes, extra sleeping bags, and a hammock.  Large families need to cache more supplies, obviously. Remember baby Orajel and Tylenol. Plan on a whole crate cache for baby! Get what you can cached away and add another cache later. Abundant clothes, blankets and towels are nice but low on our priority checklist.

Tools to cache are a hammers, saw, axe, pliers, shovel, block and tackle, machete, wood plane, awl,  nails, screws, heavy wire- it’s your choice. The crates are perfect for tools rifles and ammo. I have one crate for firearms, another for tools, and an extra large cooler full of dried food. The holes I dug were probably 4 feet deep or so and they are covered by about eighteen inches. It’s a relief to have them out there and even if I don’t make it- I know my loved ones will have them when SHTF.

Fill, and bury a large cooler for your dried foodstuffs. Duct tape the lid seam to keep critters out. Keep the location of your go to spot Off of your cell phone! Keep the Latitude and Longitude private.  Leave your cell phone at home! All cell phones can be tracked. The only people who should know your destination are you, you, and you! For at least as long you can that is, and then,only the members of your group that have something to lose if they leak it!kids headlamp

Children who are big enough to carry their own packs should have their clothes and a few favorite toys along with their own preps.  Parents- pack them with everything you think they will need- keeping in mind you may have to carry it. Bottled water, a Lifestraw, food, blanket pajamas, flashlight, utensils, extra shoes/boots- whatever you the parent want them to carry.> If you have a babe in arms, please remember to pack a bag for the baby. Disposable and Cloth diapers, formula, butt cream, bottles, but don’t go overboard. You have to carry the diaper bag! There are lots of different styles of
baby carriers
that strap on front or back as well. We like the reversible ones that grow with the child and they don’t cost as much as you’d think.  As parents, we tend to want our kids to have everything- but be very clear that you must pack minimally! The very best you can do for your kids is save their lives. They can live without a bunch of “stuff. ”    Here is what I have in my own bug out bag. Not in any order!

    1. I have a satellite phone, 4oz oil-food grade
    2. I have a fire starting kit walkie talkie pairback country horse and packing her right
    3. I have a Life Straw and a bottle of water
    4. I have a hand-gun, & ammo!                                                     ~whew! No Cache? there’s a lot of stuff for my pack- horse!
    5. I have a knives, sharp scissors
    6. I have 6- 2.200 k-cal MREs -(add hot water)
    7. I have 3 pairs of socks, First aid kit, multi-tool
    8. I have a binoculars, magnifying glass
    9. I have compass & maps, salt & sugar(packets)
    10. I have hand sanitizer,+ Lg. Duct tape
    11. I have hygiene kit- dental+ (includes tp)                                                                     llama

  1. I have munchies & sleeping bag & knivesbrunette
  2. I have para cord & flashlights (solar)
  3.  I have (head set) flashlight and Ham radio
  4. I have barter items (gold, joints, smokes, silver, alcohol)
  5. I have small shave kit, soap, hair scissors & change of clothes
  6. I have night vision glass, firecrackers& smoke bombs (diversions)
  7.  I have tennis shoes and a jacket, (wearing boots & Jacket)
  8. I have a (pre-pay throw away phone), marijuana seeds
  9. I have passport, ID, SAS survival book
  10. My misc. will be different than yours which are based on my specifications. I’ve got a dozen or so 4-ounce bottles with different things like bleach, rubbing alcohol, liquid soap- you get the idea!  All together my pack only weighs 38 pounds.

There is no wrong way to prepare as long as you just do it. In a time of calamity, if you escape you live. If you live- you adapt. We have the capacity as humans to make it, however long it takes. until things settle down.That my friend, is the bottom line. Anything you can do ahead of time to increase your chances of surviving is better than nothing at all. Even if nothing bad happens in our own lifetime-our kids will have the benefit of our commitment and planning. NWO, Martial Law, Pandemic, WW3, EMP, whatever the case may be. Let’s be ready to survive it.

The rule of thumb is just take what you think you will need. Because we are all unique individuals with our own tastes – your emergency bug out bag will be different than mine. Your caches’ should be well thought out.  You need to be as self sufficient as you’ve ever been. Be smart. Get tough. Do your best.  Ask for help. Help others. You can do this.






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4 thoughts on “Bug Out Bag Basics

  1. I see some certain criterias which should be applied about the bag pack. Well, I see the reasons for these quite small details but really important.

    I think there’s a sense of security or a sense of ominous things which might happened to us when we are about to go on an adventure, exciting yet scary.

    The last one of the list by the way, SAS? Talk about special force huh. Well, we gotta act like one and I am damn pretty sure it really helps for survival.

    1. Of course skills are important. It’s the little things we miss most when have to leave home- even on vacay!

      Thanks for the comment-

  2. Survival its are important because we live in some times where things just happen right. I like the recommendations and the advice that you give on your site. Keep up the good work of warning and hopefully we don’t have to worry about this kind of stuff, but it’s better to be safe than sorry

    1. Yes indeed JP,

      Contrary to popular opinion calling ourselves preppers and survivalists does NOT automatically make us

      tin foil hat wearing loony toons.

      We should all take great comfort in the fact that We will have the last laugh

      because we’ll be the only one’s left to laugh.

      How could being prepared ever be a bad thing,

      Seems like just basic common sense to me.

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