Bugging Out

***Bugging Out ***

duffle-bagWhy would anybody in their right mind abandon their home with just a Bag of Stuff? Because we are in a quiet war both foreign and domestic whether Environmental, Political, or Spiritual- It’s happening… If leaving home is a must- then putting survival supplies in a bag is the easy part. The information gathering, truth seeking, and conclusions themselves (as hard as they may be) will  be easy compared to making the decision to leave then actually leaving.


 If a sink-hole opens up swallowing your next door neighbors house- you may leave yours immediately-not knowing whether your house will be swallowed next. You want to escape impending doom. Conversely- If you don’t “Bug Out” your house may stand for 20 years! Who knows how it’ll go sometimes?  Nobody knows for sure what will happen. Stay or Escape – which is the lesser of the two evils? Which way will produce the best outcome? We know that we have two things going for us- our EDC (everyday carry) survival bag and the other – a large BOB (bug out bag) kept in the car trunk or at home.

Think abbackpackexamplesout what will go into each bag with the same importance as a baby’s diaper bag and if you have a baby, you should pack another diaper bag w/cloth diapers in it. I keep my EDC (bug-out bag) on the floor behind the drivers seat so I don’t have to keep it at the job-site. I have already made the decision that as soon I sense an imminent threat or danger – I will get out of harms way (to the degree that our relative physical safety is attainable). For the purpose of th2hikersis blog – I’ll ask you to take inventory of and for your own self and seriously think about what will be essential to your well being for the first few weeks and months of being refugee.


Do you regularly take pharmaceuticals for your health? If so- isn’t a back-stock of six months to a years worth pretty seriously called for?  How about glasses? Yes along with some basic first aid supplies, but for your EDC bag with limited space- we have to be careful. We’ll definitely be posting lots of lists of BOB/EDC suggestions and recommendations next post. For now we want you to really think critically about what you will need. Write down items as you think of them this week and just try to picture yourself out there. Be practical. There’s no wrong way to pack for this but there are better, good, and best ways to pack your EDC and BOB. Your long term BOB can be kept in a closet at home or better yet in the trunk of your car. The big one basically will contain your future. What are you going to put in it?


Just give it a few days to contemplate and when you return we will share with you the description of the contents of our BOB! We want to remind you also that most vehicles run on gas- but will gas be available? How about for motor-cycles? RVs? Bicycles? Generators? How about items of value? What will be available after you escape? It’s an ancient theme but we hear about refugees regularly- for many thousands of years there have refugees around the world. Once we leave our homes it’ll be our turn to feel and live like a refugee. We are the survivors. The Planners, Preppers  have a decent chance to make it. If we don’t panic, if we are methodical, practical and steadfast- our knowledge and preps will help us overcome to live. We sought out the truth, we listened to our instincts, that small still voice inside us- obeyed. We deeply want to live. liberty-gold-coin-lady


A passport is one thing you should attain for yourself immediately. (Congress is quietly pushing through a law where we will have to show a passport at state bordersnot just customs/ anymore!) This is egregious. Thanks to the Bush cabal NSAs’ pre-prepared document titled “The Patriot Act” we have lost our right to Free Speech in America. State ID will NOT be Accepted! Furthermore never let yourself get arrested for anything! We also gave away our right to a speedy trial by a jury of our peers-heck we gave away our right to being charged and tried at all! The illegal ACT leaves it up to fate. To date there have been thousands arrested who have disappeared and never been heard from again. Yes it’s that bad-We have done our investigative homework on this. Last but not least- Never Appear Homeless and don’t be seen when possible! 


 ~~Masses of Americans and our Friends All Around The Globe are Blind to What is Hidden in Plain Sight Because the Globalists Have Been Successful Until Now~~Slowly, we’re Waking Up!~~

Please don’t Poo Poo us away if this is the first time you have heard these sad truths. This situation here on earth is growing more serious daily. Suddenly it’s evident to anyone paying attention, that the first thing we have to do is to just stay alive.I’m not even thinking about the false Flag events or mentally ill people going off on shooting fests. “Allegedly”, (it was last summer/early fall) Several Hundred Homeless people in various cities were rounded up across this country and taken “supposedly” and taken into FEMAs’ custody.  Well, their friends and families would love to know if they are alive- just how they’re doing?  It’s scary. Are these gals and guys dead? Are these gals and guys being experimented on? It seems odd not one has called a friend or family member these past 22-23 months…especially since many taken are teenagers whom witnesses of the kidnappings noticed they were handcuffed and made to throw their belongings into dumpsters which were picked as soon as the buses full of indigents drove away.


The dumpsters were picked up by white garbage trucks. Witness’ watched them march single file down dark streets with their hands on their heads. The round-ups were conducted by the military which had 2  helicopters in the vicinity watching. It is interesting that three witnesses reported there was NO Identifying patches on the soldiers or the choppers. If this is all new to you then you are on the correct path. Women with children- protect those babies, learn the truth (do your own research for sure) and teach them Survival. Whatever you do be careful and keep a low profile!

***So Much to Think About ~ So Much to Learn~ So Much to Do ***

 The “Secret Rulers” today are the quiet ones- attendees of the Bilderbergers’ meetings club.We don’t often see their faces but we know the names. They have many soldier Puppets- Oppressive rulers interfering and documenting us everywhere we go, recording every conversation- following us with GPS and watching us through the walls of our homes with their high technology. Yes it is repugnant but – it would be nice to get your passport asap!  

             Prepare those BOBs! It’s easy to pack too much. Keep in mind you will eventually have to carry that thing! You’re doing okay.  You’ve taken action by coming here today. Planet Prep wants to help you get your Preps Ready start with welcoming you to the new site. We’re here to help our brothers and sisters survive to live a long happy life. In the event of an environmental/global calamity/economic collapse/pandemic/EMP or a physical attack on Americans by the Industrial Military Complex ~ we hope you are getting ready for survival and are not found lacking. Set your internal compass on Life and survival of and for future generations.

We’re all just people and all we have is ourselves and one another. In the U.S., we have what’s left of our (Constitution) http://constitutioncenter.org/media/files/constitution.pdf , (with amendments) https://www.constitutionfacts.com/content/constitution/files/Constitution_BillOfRights.pdf (Bill of Rights), and the http://www.constitution.org/us_doi.pdf (Declaration of Independence).

Mainstream Media Is Owned By Global Elite- Learn About It!

Now’s the Time Demand the Truth or Find it Without the Media

Half of the population are not alarmed by the gross crimes committed daily by the New World Order. Falsification of truth and reality by the mass media is the “norm” for. The media Do Not report on that which is secret, like Agenda 21.  No reporting on the current “Pizzagate” child pedophelia/ trafficking involving the Podestas, George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Anthony Weiner and many others…  Instead of Screaming the Truth to the Country the media is all Hush Hush. All lies are brought to the light eventually.  We have to Demand the Truth! If we remain cowards, we deserve what we get. We are being poisoned from the inside out. Are we really going to take this? Garbage in-Garbage Out.backpackexamples








and we LOVE our GODS.


2 thoughts on “Bugging Out

  1. never thought of these things before, you really have a lot of good information here. I’m sure that other visitors will find this site super informative. I like all the info about bug out bags that you have here. Can you recommend for me a strong and durable bag for a new guy. I want to get into this ASAP.

    1. Hey Norm,
      How’s every thing? Good I hope.
      I think it’s awesome that you’re ready start down the road to peace of mind and get Preped.
      As far as recommending a bag to use for your BOB, I would advise you to not go too crazy.
      You don’t have to break the bank to get a decent bag and seeing as your still a bit green around the gills
      I wouldn’t spend more than 35 to 40 bucks or so. Here’s a link I for a bag I recently bought myself for just over 43 bucks
      It’s a 13 inch MOLLE bag and it comes with a cool hatchet/pry bar thing
      Good luck to you brother

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