Bugging In


Background knowledge is crucial to survival. Any army wants to have the element of surprise. Don’t let them have it! To bug in- or to bug out…That is the question! Bugging in will be tricky if you don’t know what is going on. During the  Holocaust- those who weren’t sent off in train cars thought they missed the bullet but round two proved tens of thousands wrong. In hindsight, the folks who left for America and other far places survived and lived!

Subpoenas & Thieves of the Night

How do we survive when the army is dragging people out of their homes, offices, workplaces etc… rounding everybody up- even the quiet non-protesters? Anyone that fights will be shot on sight. They’ll be considered too old, infirm or disabled and will be escorted to the gas chambers. Millions will be accused of being “dissidents”-for loving our Constitution, the Truth, and God. Christians, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witness’, Catholics and all manner of righteous people-“The Patriots” in the U.S. A. Don’t we all just want to live?  If you’re on the grid we sincerely hope that you’re getting your ducks in a row and figure out once and for all where you will stand when this scenario unfolds. No wavering. Will you try to weather the storm until you can escape? Or do you have a place to hide? Try to picture the worst case scenario and how you would survive it.

~Trust In God But Be vary Leary of the Clergy~

Depending on when the round-up takes place we can be fairly sure that at minimuevil so called art at vaticanm, FEMA will be making and keeping lists. There was probably a Census recently-  with all their surveillance, the government knows everything about you. Matter of fact- your television and smart phone may well be recording you and providing live feed to them, right now! If I sound paranoid- nothing is further from the truth. Whether this goes down in my lifetime or my great- great grand kids’ lifetime,(not likely) the key to survival is knowing the enemy. My kids are being raised to be independent and know the truth. It would be unfair to our forebears as well as the yet unborn, to do anything less.

barbed wire sky clouds

elec barb dbl sec fence                                                   

We Plan To Live They Plan To Kill Us Choose Life!

This plan of theirs has been a great many decades perhaps even centuries in the making. With each decade the power “elite” cabal gets bolder and more assertive. Hitler was the last nightmare who nearly achieved the same type of goal. Owning the Earth is not OK with me and Americans should pull their head from sand and wake up to the truths.  In any case-whether they show up at your door or you are sent a subpoena to appear- the outcome will be the same. You want to live and have a good life. If you are sent an order to appear (before a military raiding party visits) First- it’s likely you’ll be asked to show up with your kids and extended family, to either a government office, a church, even perhaps a Walmart store! Recognize what is, know what isn’t.


Know The Enemies’ Propaganda and Live to Fight Another Day


Once you report to the processing center, you will answer questions relative to the current location of your weapons. You’ll be quizzed about your family members and friends and they will be looking for you to reveal the location of your loot,-your booty,- all your assets. They will for sure confiscate your preps, Whatever they may be. Everything you have of any value. Art, jewelry, antiques- safety deposit boxes…  The answers you give- will be checked against the hard data they’ve collected on you. (By this point it’s too late to complain about their spyware or methodology so don’t bother!) Each of us will be assigned a number, or  color- some type of coding- to decipher your immediate, potential or future threat to them. The result is meant to define you to them. They want zero mistakes.

~All In or All Out~  Then There’s That Tricky Gray Area~

You are a threat….

if you are a “dissident”  but if your’e a conformist (compliant), or even a subject to be used later to

evil so called art at vatican
The Vatican looks creepy.

further their cause- they will probably allow you to live. They love the clergy and have already put them to use.  The cabal will have plenty of slave material who do not pose a risk to their operation!  The cowardly segment of the clergy are already slaves for their cause. That cause being the complete dis-assembly of American society with the goal of rebuilding a New World Order society  to their (the cabal) specifications. The cabal frighteningly is committed to reducing the total world population from nearly 8 Billion to just 500 Million. Who are the Cabal in America?

Is it just me or do the rest of you looking at this think that this so-called art  (at the Vatican) is just plain evil?  It makes me absolutely sick to see the Pope sitting there in front of that evil looking “so called” alter back in the lower  sanctuary. Who is the Pope and the Church working for? I will tell you that this alter- piece was very, very expensive! I forget the artists’ name but it really was commissioned special. To be completely candid with you guys- It breaks my heart -evil has besmirched the vatican. 


Remember at the start of this I said Christians, Constitutionalists, Patriots,  and Truthers of all creeds and religions will be the first to go. Forced to endure the globalists’  New World Order persecutions… Although no American should be subjected to abuse by their “government”- this segment of the population will be hit the hardest. As such- hushed operations have been initiated by FEMA who train pastors and priests how to keep their congregations quiet, passive, and complacent. Clergy wants the Parishioners to accept their fate, to do what the Government tells them and to accept the implant with no fuss and with a contrite heart. They will say we need to obey our leaders and by so doing we’ll be obeying God. It’s a pack of lies anddeceit… Moral Majority?HA!!

rfid-chips-injecting-syringe ~Will You Take The Chip?~

At some point in the very near future they may inject you with a bio-metric-chip (not unlike the chips we have the vet inject into our pets to track them down if they get lost or killed by a car. The chip coul

d come later but expect it if you are captured or appear to the one world government willingly. It’s the globalists that are weeding the American garden and once enough false flag events occur and the masses are sufficiently hysterical- the globalist agenda will commence in earnest and the sleeping masses will unwittingly comply.

 Willing To Live In FEMA Camp Housing. You can IF You Meet The “KEEP” Criteria. – New Trailers Await!!


If you don’t know whether to Bug In or Bug Out- remember that by burying/hiding a cache or two of food, weapons and supplies where you can realistically get to them during time of need- can only help your situation. Will you be driving? We don’t know if there will be gas or even if we will have the freedom to travel outside a sequestered area… Will there be power? satellite phone signals? How will we communicate in this scenario? We may not have a crystal ball but we do know how to act and what to do in these scenarios. If you are bugging in – expect government to seize your food and supplies whatever that might be. Without power how would you cook where you live now? Our homes and property will probably be taken away permanently. Plan for the worst and hope for the best. Follow up your plans with tangible actions. Your life depends on it.

Seek out like minded Survivalists 

At this point we want you you to try to affiliate yourself with others nearby who are like minded and who can preferably help with survival- not needy or undisciplined. It never hurts to network and chances are if you are reading this you are determined to live. Bugging in will require discipline. Since the militarized police, the clergy,  neighbors will all have the globalist agenda friends will be scarce.  Practice your acting- you will need to face these deceived people as well as your fellow Preppers with a calm demeanor and appear to be compliant.

bunker 50s

I doubt I’ll bug-in myself. I would consider bugging in if I could afford to build a bunker or by was hiding in plain sight, however. The idea is that a friend of a friend will take me in (a stranger to me)  and I will have pre-paid or shared my goods or services in exchange for secrecy. Better to be unknown to the globalists than to be popular with them. That, and the idea that if you keep inside the zone with your well hidden armament- at some point you and other like minded people will have the ability to strike from within. Whether I am a doctor, a barber, a seamstress or herbalist- bugging in is doable. I would never bug in with little ones however-for obvious reasons. Definitely– try hard to take those little ones out-not easy, but for sure- necessary. Babies need security. And room. Babies are noisy!


A lot of homes were built with bomb shelters during the cold war. If I wanted to bug in, I would take a good look at finding a home with a bomb/tornado shelter. If the shelter is well hidden (or could be altered somehow to become well- hidden) I’d definitely look into it. I’d do that or find a way to hide in plain sight. Of course, I’m not alone but think this would be a good call for singles. All the while remembering that satellites abound so bugging in pretty much means “in” unless the shelter has a building over it with entrances and exits out of sight from the sky. An average person today who has a social media page can expect the government to know more about them than their parent or spouse! It’s creepy!

From a survival standpoint it’s always wise to practice keeping secrets. Bugging in requires having the mind set of secrecy. Think spy, secret agent,- Sherlock Holmes or James Bond.

Don’t wait to get prepared

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