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Before we get down to the nitty gritty- the supplies you need, the lists, the how to’s, the what not to do’s and the juicy details… answer me this: how much control do you have? How much time and thought have you put into the work of living? Don’t ever surrender your power, don’t throw your hands in the air and say “It’s usetwo hikersless- I have no control!” The truth is you DO have Power and Control! Maybe it doesn’t seem that way now, but with some determination, fine tuning and a lot of planning ahead you’ll soon be able to put your mind at ease and know that your family is safe no matter what. My mama used to tell me, “Take the bull by the horns!” whenever my problems seemed insurmountable. These days it’s more important than ever to do just that. These are scary times we live in today. If  for some reason your forced to bug out you need to have a pre-planned destination.(a bug out location) This is extremely important. Whether it’s a spot in the forest, a yacht, the lower deck of a                                                                                   ship or a cave..having a plan in place will set you ahead of the game. 



Whether you live alone or have a family it’s imperative to have a plan in case of emergency. Besides having yourself to worry about, many of us are responsible for others loved ones from the elderly parent or uncle Bob to babes in arms and kids in school. In a crisis we have a better chance of surviving if we’ve done the our homework ahead of time. In fact everybody in the family should know what, when, where, and how. Whatever your strategy is remember to practice. The wife and kids may think you’ve finally flipped when you open the front door, toss in a smoker and yell “WE’RE BUGGIN OUT. GO!GO!GO!” but in the end when the dust has settled after who knows what and your family is no worse for the ware because of your brilliant planning and general awesomeness they’ll be thanking you I promise.

Common sense is the order of the day! The main thing you need to start to doing now is to determine what could possibly happen that would precipitate the need to bug in or bug out? Decide what situations you might want to bug out for and decide which ones you’ll old couplehunker down for.  For example, I live in a mountainous zone where active volcanoes are a dangerous threat and whichever side of the mountain range we live in doesn’t matter. A lot depends on which mountain erupts, which side of the mountain blows, which direction the wind is blowing, which direction will the pyroclastic flow will hit (?), what kind of weather we have and even which season it is when it blows(?)  and especially what time of day it happens and which day of the week! Did we mention that we also live on a major fault line and are subject to earthquakes?

To help you determine the numerous “what ifs?” you need to write them down. You can brain storm at first and list the what ifs‘ as you think of themnewborn baby. Knowing the dangers ahead of time is the beginning of your bug out/in plan. When my kids were little, to prepare them for school and being away from home- I played a game to train them. They had no idea they were learning anything. I made it fun! Even rewarding correct thinking in ways they delighted in! I needed the security of knowing that they knew the drill. Whatever the problem, there was a contingency plan. We also taught them to listen to their  “inside voice”. Their instincts. It is the same idea as your basic Fire Drill at school and at home. That’s another thing, if you don’t have an escape plan for your home now’s a very good time to make one. Practice and time your drills and try to never be caught off guard.


The “what if” scenario at my house used to go something like this: (to my boy) “what if” you were outside at recess and the ground started rolling like the ocean? I would listen to his answer then gently correct him if he didn’t say ” find an empty place away from the building and get into earthquake position until it stops”. (Because earthquakes have after shocks I would  ask) “What if the playground teacher calls you inside or the bell rings to go back in right away?” At that point I would hear my sons answer and tell him, “IF he was forced to go inside to get underneath his desk in earthquake position…” Of course giving him permission to listen to his inside voice (with reassurance he wouldn’t be in trouble later at home. (if teacher didn’t listen to her own small voice and have ALL the kids get under their desks!) I gave him plenty of reassurance. It’s a pretty weird analogy but nevertheless it is true and worked for our family. Both our kids were great students who are now growing up and finding themselves thinking wow, mom and dad were right.  Anyway, we made it through the earthquakes, the forest fires, the floods, and even the devastation of Mt. St. Helens in 1980.

The “what if” scenario continuesphoto first aid kit and now my grandkids are doing it with their parents. The thing is, it’s not ever going to be perfect, but having a plan gives you hope of making it through. Obviously if you are only responsible for yourself that’s great! Still,you should make a list of what the dangers are and ask yourself what is the best course of action to take for each scenario. Commit to it! Be proactive about your safety and don’t think for a second that the government is going to show up and rescue you. (remember Katrina) The government isn’t anyones friend! In fact, self reliance is always your best bet if you really want to live strong and survive. Here on Planet Prep want to encourage you to network with friends – keeping in mind that there is often strength in numbers in many cases. and In other scenarios, the less attention you attract the better off you’ll be. The thing is, is. there is no straight answers and no real set in stone way to assure your survival. There are so many variables, we must always have at least the basic framework of a bug in/bug out plan that you can work with and around. On our page Bugging Out we take a serious inventory of what necessitates a bugging in or a bugging out situation. Once you know the benefits and risks of each you can then start to prep your bug out bag and fortifying your home for bugging in. Planet Prep is here to give you all the advice and information you need to clearly understand how to survive crisis by crisis. It can all be quite overwhelming when you are first getting started but we know that it’s worth it for the peace of mind you get for your effort. 


thinking boyDon’t you want to be ready for Anything???                          

  We think  that in having the information and seeing the big picture you will decide what is right for you. Please do keep in mind that a person who is prepared is not a paranoid loony toon. He who is prepared for any eventuality is simply practical. I know that my ancestors were hearty, sturdy, and bright people who didn’t persesmiley thinking questionvere to survive just for us to die off. They lived through  some seemingly impossible times and conditions. I owe it to them to keep our bloodline alive.              

 Do you?

Post any questions in the comments and let us know what your’e prepping for.

Or let us know why you don’t want to plan ahead.

We’re listening.

                                                                       Thanx for reading,

                              Steve & Carrie

                                                                  The Planet Prep team

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  1. Steve, thanks for taking the time to write out an article on this. From my perspective, i will say you did quite a great job. I did actually get inspired going through your article and I am glad i came across your website.

    I look forward to reading your future articles, as i believe you’re a great source of inspiration for anyone and everyone who’s lucky enough to find Planet Prep. Good work and good luck!

    1. Thanx John Really means a lot to me to hear that.
      I always love it when someone says I’ve inspired them to start Prepping, My good deed for the day I guess,
      Allright well, Hope to see ya again soon here on Planet PREP

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