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♦ Federal-Emergency-Management-Agency ♦

You’ve no doubt heard about FEMA camps! During all of 2015, FEMA CAMPs  were  in the spotlight a lot more than “they” would have liked due in most part to Jade Helm 15 (which took place last year). Unfortunately, the majority of people know more about the NFL than they do about their own government, FEMA in particular.  If you rode or drove along the Interstate or highways at all the past dozen or more years, then you probably saw a lot of  FEMA stuff though you may not of known it. They are good at hiding in plain sight. For the last decade, we’ve seen truck loads, convoys and freight trains full of building materials and equipment. The resulting FEMA camps were built up and down the country from coast to coast- right under our noses.

What Exactly is FEMA?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is widely thought to be the most powerful government agency in existence today. Most people believe FEMA to be the hiding place of the U.S. shadow government. fema-seal

In fact during times of national emergency the director of FEMA (William Craig Fugate appointed may 2009) effectively takes on all the powers of commander & chief and then some. To me it’s down right scary just how much power this agency wields and how few people know about it. FEMA operates on a budget that reaches into the billions of dollars yet discloses nothing of it’s spending to the public.

The creation of FEMA

A presidential executive order becomes law the moment it is published in the federal registry weather it is constitutional or not.

Executive order 12148 – created FEMA and says it is to liaise with the department of defense for civil defense funding and planning.

Originally  FEMA’s mandate was to ensure the survivability of the government in the event of a nuclear strike on the U.S.. Later it was given the task of co-ordinating government response in times of national emergency.

FEMA is endowed with all of it’s insane power through a series of presidential executive orders:

  1. Executive order 10990 – allows for the seizure of all forms of transportation public, personal, highways, and seaports
  2. Executive order 10995 – allows for the seizure of all forms of communication systems and media
  3. Executive order 10999 – allows for the seizure of all food resources and farms
  4. Executive order 11000 – allows them to organize the civilian population into work details
  5. Executive order 11001 – allows them to take total control of health care, education, and welfare
  6. Executive order 11003 – allows for the seizure of airports and all aircraft including commercial absolute-power-1
  7. Executive order 11004 – allows them to relocate communities,  build new housing with public funds, (despite there own several billion dollar budget) and declare areas to be abandoned
  8. Executive order 11005 – allows them to take control of railways an public storage facilities
  9. Executive order 11921 –  allows them to take control of all energy sources, your wages or salary, your credit,and any and all financial institution. It also say that in the event the president declares a national emergency the congress can not review that action for six months.


♦Now lets take a look at their budget♦

 We already know their budget reaches into the billions of dollars a year but according to my research only about 6% of that ever gets spent on disaster relief. So where does the other 94% of all those billions go?

The rest of that money that should be being spent on disaster relief and preparations for feeding and housing of american citizens affected by tragedy is instead being poured into  deep underground facilities set up to ensure continuity of government in case of attack on the united states and I think to shelter the so called “important people” the peoples lives our own government deems more important than yours or mine.I’m speaking of course about the puppet masters and string pullers behind the new world order,but that is a subject for another time. this accounts for a large portion of those billions, but not quite all of it. So where does the rest go?


Where the rest of that money goes may be the scariest part of all. It is also the thing that as preppers we should pay the closest attention to as it can be considered a direct threat. Even if we lean to the conservative side of things. I think we’d be safe to reckon that our government is pouring at least 2.5 billion dollars a year into the secret creation Of these camps. Plain Sight. Much of their preparations are in plain sight! Hear your small still voice inside you.

Why Did F.E.M.A. Build All These Giant Camps? What Are They Preparing For? Why do They Look Like Concentration Camps?

The truth is out
there. There are 6,000 Camps- all are fully staffed and ready for business. By now you know that the Government is not going to tell the public the truth behind any of it. Currently, there are over 1,500 homeless persons locked up in FEMA camps with little hope of release. These people have been classifie
d “undesirables” and have been quietly rounded up from ou

r countries’ smallest communities, largest cities, and all sizes in between. Once these indigent people run out of postage stamps they become cut off from society. What becomes of them then? Most have now
idea where in the country they are. They are scared and don’t know what will become


Remember that all of the Major TV networks are owned and operated by just a few billion dollar corporations so the truth will never be shared with the masses. These people count on that fact! Use alternate news sources- news finders and sharers are out there in the world and risk their safety, their very lives to bring you the truth. Alternative News report about issues that matter to them and mankind in general. Their reports are backed up by research and paper trails. They have integrity. These alternate news reporters are guided by the strength of their convictions with the courage of their forebears. Alternative news sources are the only Truthers in the Media. (You can’t survive anything without the strength of your convictions).


So how do we protect ourselves

In my humble opinion there’s only one way to protect ourselves against being tossed into one of these camps and forgotten about. My advice on this one is to arm yourself and become a proficient marksman. Be sure to keep plenty of ammo on hand and stay vigilant. If the time comes be prepared to defend your family and your homes. If we make them pay in blood for every home they try to take we might just be able to protect the freedoms that have been guaranteed to us in the Constitution.

4 thoughts on “FEMA camps

  1. Yikes, that is a view I have never heard of. We all know about preppers, bug out bags and the like. I have never heard of FEMA being a part of a giant conspiracy against lawful Americans. This is something I’ll need to think about. I agree there are events in the government that make you think. All of those executive orders made me think. I need to ask. Do they say that? Or is that just what you think they say? Hope you’re wrong,


    1. Wow Rob,

      Everyday I wish that I was wrong. I wish I could go back to living in the blissful ignorance that I knew once upon a time. As for your question the answer is NO! unfortunately I did not make any of this up.If you’d like you can quite easily visit the federal registry online and read every presidential executive order ever signed.

      It’s time to wake the fuck up people!!!

  2. I’ve been hearing a lot about these FEMA camps lately. Makes me think that the government knows something that they don’t want us finding out about in case people kick off and start setting fire to everything!

    You website is vital in this day and age. It’s a smart idea to be prepared for disaster. You never know when you’re going to need to go into survival mode!

    1. Hey Hannah,

      It’s true, our government and FEMA especially are up to no good and every day a little more of our liberties slip away. If the constitution is to be saved we’re gonna have to make a stand and start pushing back.

      Being prepared for all that we can be is never a bad thing. Here’s another post my wife wrote that I think might help get you started. Bug Out Bag Basics

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