The UFO’s

The ufo's

 Every year at least 70,000 UFO sightings are reported world wide. Estimate that at least half of all sightings go unreported raising that to 140,000 UFO sightings a year world wide. I kept my first few sightings secret myself because I questioned my reality. I wasn’t sure what the heck I thought I saw and was so afraid of being critiqued I filed it to my deepest memories. Then I turned 30.

This picture was taken during the Apollo 15 Moon Landing. The busy Astronaut shown working with the Lunar Rover is Astronaut Jim Lewis. There exist thousands of such pictures most of  which John Q. Public has never heard of (let alone knows) about. NASA has worked feverishly though the years to airbrush out all of the pictorial evidence of shots with space craft, buildings, or ETs’ in the back round. It’s nothing knew- here’s this one with… do you see anything unusual in this 1971 photo? It’s one of the thousands that was taken and air brushed out. NASA made copies of all the pictures before the official air brushers got to work. In the one that was distributed to the Public- you of course don’t see the saucer near the top left where it is parked towards the bottom left of the mound there. In the recently leaked picture below we can see that in reality, Yes – it’s a saucer shaped craft! Someone from NASA recently leaked it! These leaks are happening more and more often as Americans and others awaken to the realities of Earths’ current situation and truths. The fact is that UFO’s have been seen for eons.


There are so many legitimate photographs of UFO’s that these days, they out number the hoaxes/attention seekers efforts. Why they do that is a mystery. With the secret governments’ dis-information campaign mixed in with the hoaxers- we can see how one can can be skeptical. However, authentic sightings and recordings are still the majority! For this reason- we encourage you to use a critical eye while perusing UFO images to get used to using common sense, intuition, and begin to see patterns emerging so you recognize what you are looking at. Those of us that are convinced UFOs are real- are disgusted by hoaxer1971jimlewisandsaucers. It makes us believers want to shun hoaxers.

There is hardly anyplace we can go in History without seeing a hieroglyph, Sanskrit, petroglyph, writing in any language that doesn’t give reference to UFO’s.  Art interpretation of UFO ‘s abound in great paintings as well. Evidence in media abounds from the International Space Stations’ own recordings to the personal recordings of photographers in Turkey- videos and photo abound. 

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