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13 Tried and True Products for Victims of Low Level Radiation Poisoning  

You May Already Have Some of  it On Hand Now!

  The worst of all “N” words: “Nuclear” Fall out. radiation reactors

Nuclear Waste. Nuclear Accident.  Nuclear Clean-Up. Nuclear War… Love Canal, Chernobyl, Radiation, and of course Fukushima. We’ve advanced since the first nuclear bomb. This post is for all our friends on Planet Prep who’ve been harmed by the “N” word. It may NOT be a death sentence after all.


If It’s too late to Prevent exposure, there is still Hope!

Nuclear energy. We’re all familiar with Nuclear Power Plants and the surrounding controversies. It was conceived as the ultimate weapon against man. Power. We’ve got nuclear powered weapons scattered in the Heavens. All over! In space, of all the unnatural places- we put up the huge Plants to produce power for submarines, surface ships and steam energy which turn the turbines to produce electricity. Gone are the days of burning candles and hauling buckets of water. I’d gladly trade the electricity for candles, but I always said I was born in the wrong century!

For the purpose of this article, Planet Prep wants to be clear.  (Thorium energy is awesome but that’s a different blog). We know there are many scientifically PROVEN methods to produce Free, Reliable, Clean, Limitless Non-Fossil Fuel sources of energy. In fact, enough for every person on the planet to enjoy and then some. The Global “Elite/Rulers” who own and run the earth will never allow Free energy! Planet Prep is not a fan of either nuclear power or fossil fuels. Until the people of the world Unite to refuse dirty Energy we will be stuck with what we have.

Radiation poisoning (until recently) made for a bad prognosis

ocean wasted

But now there’s hope! Planet Prep studied in depth the idea of “hope” + “radiation” and put together 13 reasons to latch tight on to hope. Direct exposure, polluted drinking water or by eating sick sea mammals and shellfish, or fish~ however you became sick, it’s up to you to decide if you can help better your prognosis.

Most, if not all of these products, are available at the health food store (GNC) and/or your local grocery store. Except (1), I found for you on E Bay.

Look for Help at Your Local Pharmacy 

Over time, low level exposure is probably going to cause a great many health issues. Some symptoms are really rough and others somewhat mild but in either case- it’s a sad situation to be in. Because of this, we at Planet Prep have looked everywhere to bring hope to all who have been exposed. We wanted to find the easiest answers to make your burdon easier to cope and we looked for the best solutions at a price more affordable for every economic range so all might afford these treatments as opposed to outrageous medical costs of clinics and pharmacy.

Fight hard to live and survive~ for a long productive life.

Planet Prep asks that you discuss our findings with your Medical Doctor so he can tailor your dosages based on your specific level of exposure. We have done the hard research as well as provided the details of how they work in your body to purge you and rebuild your immune system. Click the images and you will be taken to a page to see different prices, quantities, dosages and brands to make your own decision! 

The Truth about exposure to nuclear fallout

The most mild symptoms to me, would be the itchy dry skin, nausea, headaches, a sore scalp, queasiness, hair loss and even skin discoloration from head to toe. The radiation will also interfere with the cell structures of internal organs, including the cells of muscles and other tissue. Unless you were or (ever get) exposed if it’s really bad- exposure (even at low levels) might cause you to have problems with behavioral changes in your personality, coordination and Alzheimer type symptoms.

                                         You Are Not Crazy~ You’re Toxic!                                           poor turtle

For one, you could have brain damage resulting in mood swings you can’t control or trouble processing information or speech. In serious cases too- the digestive system becomes disrupted to the point of inability to pull nutrients from food so a diet rich in protein and fruit and vegetables as well as vitamins and minerals. The kidneys, liver and digestive organs all work in hanuke trianglermony to build up blood by pulling nutrients from food and water upon entrance  into the small intestines. The walls of the small intestines (absorb) the nutrients from food as it moves it through the entire length.

SEX Protection ~ Birth Control’s Vital While Detoxifying Radiation From Your Body 

poor thing cow

It then deposits the non-nutrient waste into the colon where the sphincter pushes it out. Any damage to the tissues of these organs will be very uncomfortable. A Certified Nutritionist is who should be consulted for advice with the diet. Since sperm and eggs and DNA can likely become unhealthy from the radiation- Planet Prep advises against getting pregnant or contributing if you’re a male. Unborn children can develop health issues as well. (If you are young and healthy-not yet ready for a baby-consider freezing your eggs or sperm for a future pregnancy). Radiation can make us sterile and birth defects and still birth is common in exposure cases. It’s tragic, yes. The photo of this cow is extremely mild compared to the horrific, tragedy of the deformed babies I have seen while researching this. The Deformity rate in WA state is 40% increased from before Fukushima’s disaster, and Oregon isn’t too much better, but it is better. Women in Japan are giving birth to horribly deformed babies so often and regularly, I don’t have the heart to say how often. Today in Japan, people are still affected genetically from Nagasaki and Hiroshima! The DNA cannot be fixed, never mended, until future technology figures out how. Please don’t take me wrong, I LOVE babies. Get genetic counseling before getting pregnant guys and gals. It’s been over 30 years since Chernobyl blew and the flora and fauna are as deformed as ever. It’ll remain that way for hundred even thousands of years. And yes, human babies are still being born deformed there as well. India too. As with the victims of 3 Mile Island, Love Canal, Hawaii, The Islands of the South Pacific, the Arizona, New Mexico…

~Your Doctor Will Measure Your Radiation Levels~ 

We recommend regular endocrine and regular consultations with a Dr. of Internal medicine for everyone exposed to long-term low level exposure to radiation. Kidneys clean and filter the blood and need to be tested regularly as does the liver who works in tandem with kidneys. Of course, the endocrinologist will test for liver levels plus all the glands and hormones, red blood cell/white blood cell and platelets. Endocrine Doctors check your glands as in Thyroid as well as the hormones and such. Get yourself Doctors who care. In the states we have high volume clinics thanks to Obama care, but hopefully those with good insurance can find a caring team. Hopefully you live in a country with better healthcare than we have here. Smile, because our List below gives you hope!

If You Feel Like A Stranger In Your Own Body You Are Not Alone~There’s A lot Happening 

I hate to even bring this up but if you were/are exposed to large or small amounts of radiation (zapped or slow & steady), then you must have the truth. Radiation though invisible, can have consequences to you that may be extremely difficult for you to deal with. The havoc it wreaks on your body can be so severe that your hair might fall out, our blood vessels can become destroyed, throwing up blood can be a problem, seizures start up real bad, even nerves can get destroyed. gums bleed, mouth sores, bloody noses, skin may peel, weakness, and emotional pain and mood swings can be problems. It’s a dreadful thing for man to mess with plutonium and atomic energy. Robert J. Oppenheimer himself regretted it the moment he heard the reports of the decimation and later seeing the film. He told the world, “Now, I have become DEATH. The Destroyer of Worlds.”  The Nuclear Age is tragic – death is always possible. It all depends on how much radiation you get, and over how long a period of time.

food radiated

Whether at low level exposure or high- there’s the serious issue of our lymphocytes’ vulnerability to radiation which causes them to die. The less lymphocytes in our blood- the greater the chance we lose the strength of our immune system. We need to have a strong immune system to fight off colds, flues, fevers, sore throats,bladder, fungus urinary track, sinus’, viral, staff and various other infections. Then too- loss of lymphocytes does not necessarily cause lymphoma or leukemia (or a plethora of other cancers) but it definitely makes one susceptible to those diseases.


4leaf cloverThere Is Still Great HOPE!!!

So now that you learned the awful consequences of radiation exposure (we saved the good stuff for last!) here are 13 treatments/options to treat radiation exposure. These treat the symptoms as well as treat the issue pulling that nasty poison Out of your precious body!  After learning the news about Fukushima- we asked, “What can we tell them about treatment and recovery if they live through the initial exposure?” We are all potential victims of nuclear radiation as it can potentially arrive at our door where ever we are at any time. With much searching for the best answers out there, we finally found what we were looking for. This stuff is going into my bug-out bag! Not all 13 but a few of the lesser expensive ones. These are all fantastic at cleaning out the radiation. With goodness on our side we won’t set off a single Geiger counter after treatment!

Doctor- How Much, How Often and How Long?

hope cloudPlanet Prep Presents Hope!

1. Nascent Iodine

Radiation has a direct effect on the thyroid gland, prohibiting its ability to create iodine, an imperative player in healthy DNA integrity, immune function, metabolic and endocrine balance, as well as cardiovascular health. Supplementing with nascent iodine helps counteract the effects of radioactive Iodine. It is one of the single most bio-available forms of iodine, and may be effective in aiding individuals exposed to radiation by lowering accumulated and stored radioactive toxins in the product images for more

2. Potassium Orotate 

In addition to radioactive iodine, the body may also be exposed to a radioactive isotope of caesium known as Cesium-137. This is formed as bi-product of nuclear fission. Potassium orotates  slows down or stops the build up of Cesium-137. Eat food high in Potassium like potatoes and bananas to halt radioactive cesium 137 from building up in your system further. However food sources might not be enough. The CDC says that potassium protects the body (especially the thyroid) like a champ even after exposure to radiation. Orotate is the best type to use.

3. Calcium and Magnesium

Each of these essential minerals can decontaminate you from Strontium 90 which is a bad type of nuclear waste. Many medical doctors encourage the consumption of calcium to reduce Strontium absorption. A good combination is Magnesium  orotate  and Calcium can reduce Strontium as well as 70-85% with then without it. It’s fine to get Vit. D from sunshine on your skin but you can always drink milk that’s Vit. D fortified or take a vitamin D tablet with.

4. Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO)

Dimethylsulfoxide is an antioxidant sulphur compound. Studies show that DMSO  detoxifies/protecting the body from the destructive damage of radiation. One study in Japan realized that even small amounts of DMSO offers protective benefits on human DNA and overall cellular structure. DMSO neutralizes exposure from radio-isotopes. Conclusions are that the X-irradiation that can damage the body’s Kupffer and Serous cells can be prevented by using DMSO.   Studies proved that rats exposed to x-ray radiation were protected from the bad affects of the exposure when they were given DMSO. It partially protected the rats by stopping normal bad reactions associated with radiation. A different study conducted at Yokohama City University (Medical School) in Japan concluded- DMSO  successfully offers protective results/effects for cell destruction and in corruptive DNA  in mice who were exposed to radioactive substances. How bad the mice were blasted with radiation- idk, but DMSO  is a help!

5. Zeolites

Nuclear waste is  “cleaned” and/or “stored”  by mixing it with Zeolite Clay and packing it underground.  Zeolites attach themselves to (and removes) nuclear waste from the Cellular level. A study in Europe determined that, Zeolite Clay decontaminated animals affected by the nuclear waste disaster in Chernobyl.  Zeolite clay can also be swallowed to detoxify yourself from radiation.  Zeolite was a blessing when the nuclear meltdowns at Three Mile Island, Love Canal and Chernobyl happened. It was used in Great Britains’ (BNF) too. After these meltdowns and dumps left the horrifying toxic mess exposure- the clean up crews used this Zeolite Clay to absorb the strontium and cesium 137 off the walls and floors. This stuff is so good, so good- that in the U.S., the Nuclear Weapons and Storage facilities line the walls and floors to prevent toxicity!

6. Other clays

There are a lot of different clays which bond to nuclear waste in/on the body.  For our purposes, these include Kaolin, Red Clay, Bentonite, Fuller’s Earth,  and Montmorillonite. French Green Clay is another absorptive clay which rids us from radiation, toxic metals (even mercury) and chemical residue. Clay is used by engineers, and MOTHER EARTH, to leech out toxins from the dirt and people. Back after Chernobyl the U.S.S.R. put clay in candy bars to help purge (remove) radioactive waste from their systems. Whether stool color turns florescent, I don’t know but I think there must be radioactive waste pouring from sewage once eliminated from the body.

7.  Activated Charcoal

Studies show that charcoal possesses the unique ability to neutralize radiation, and that 10 grams of charcoal canneutralize up to 7 grams of toxic material. Charcoal has great absorption qualities. I knew it was great for air filters and water filters (like my fish-tank air- bubbler/water- filter) but until looking at this study I had no idea it could aid in cleansing the body of radio-logic-toxins. I also knew that in certain types of drug and chemical over-dose- the poison Control Center sometimes recommend administering it on the way to the Emergency Room.

8. Papain

Papain is a cysteine hydrolase extracted from papaya, which is well known to cleanse the body of toxicants.  In a lab study using rats, half of rats were supplemented with papaya papain  and survived deadly doses of radiation. The other half of rats were equally dosed but not given papain. That half died. Sounds good to me- papaya please!

9. Bee Pollen

When it comes to rad poisoning- our little friends the BEEs’ (Pollen) really combats the nasties! Especially, radium, x-rays (I have had hundreds and should take bee pollen I think), and cobalt-60 radiotherapy. (No idea about what cobalt-60 is, but will look it up straightaway). Anyhow, radiation lowers our body’s crucial tools like red and white blood cells, antibodies we need to heal ourselves. Bee pollen is pure and natural. Bee Pollen boosts our immunity. I have never used it of course, but know many ladies that do and swear by it. They seldom get sick.


When I was growing up all the women in my family had huge canning parties where they processed bushels of pickled beets for winter. I  love those memories. Chances are you haven’t had beets… Who knew beets are medicine? If you get exposed, your blood hemoglobin can break down. Beets rebuild damaged hemoglobin.  Rats fed beet pulp had lowered radioactive cessiun-137. The beet-eating rats absorbed and detoxed up to 100 percent more poison than the control group.

11. Cold-pressed Organic Vegetable Oils

Extra Virgin olive oil and Coconut oil (and other cold pressed oils) pull radiation out of a body. The lipids in the oils bind the toxins, putting a protective layer on cell membranes.  Mice zapped with lethal doses of x-rays live- if given oil.  Take a quarter CUP of oil if you have been radiated. Better Late than Never! Oil is also great for your teeth and gums when you can’t brush, you hold it in your mouth for an hour or more once a week or often as possible.

12. Organic Brewers Yeast 

Use organic Brewers Yeast use for damage prevention of radiation exposure. In terms of amount, 5 mg. to 15 mg. should be given to children, and 25 mg. to 50 mg. can be given to adults. For direct exposure, you can double, or triple that amount. Brewer’s yeast helps the body in both repair after being hit as well as reducing damage if hit.

13. Organic Germanium-132 germanium 132

Organic Germanium is a scavenger, a free-radical,- rich in oxygen and is a compound. During exposure to radiation, the rays let go of bad electrons that kill blood cells (hemoglobin). Organic geranium  snatches up the radioactive rays, helping them freely travel within the nuclear structure of the Germanium, blocking them from getting into our cells and bloodstream. (This protects the amino acid cysteine). It also reduces the death of cells within the cells exposed to cesium-137 and gamma rays. After the Fukushima tragedy- Japan started recommending 100 mg. a day. If you haven’t seen a Dr. or been exposed, you shouldn’t take this without first being seen by a Doctor!

We want you to comment and tell us if you like this information or if you have something to add or   there’s  a different issue you want us to look into. Have you had any experience with any of this? If so please share! We also invite you to become a Citizen of Planet Prep. As a Citizen – you will receive special benefits. As we grow- you will join us in Preparing the Planet for TEOTWAWKI! (And the way it’s looking it could be any time) yikes!


National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine, To cfm?pg=gennuclear…/treatment/con-2002290 ,…/con-20022901 This is a sample of the dozens of articles, Scientific Studies, and Interviews I used in conducting my research for you, dear Reader. There are thousands of sources from which to research, but I was careful to omit any that weren’t backed up by data or otherwise deemed legitimate by professionals. urges you discuss this article with a health care professional. They will tell you how often and how much to take!   (There is much debate on this topic, so we are not making any dosing recommendations!) Your Doctor has to measure the amount of radiation in your body!

There’s another product I found that I’m leaving a link for so that you have yet another thing to try, but mostly so you can find out more about where and for how many Centuries we’ll be exposed. Also, there are great maps and graphics to learn more! Just don’t be passive, be Pro-Active!  Give Jeff Rense a look!  (thanks Jeff)


DISCLAIMER:  I have no medical expertise. Planet Prep expects the reader to follow up with their health care professional for advice in dosage, and/or other treatments for radiation poisoning. Products listed are for general info purposes only. We are not experts in the treatment of exposure, nor are we Medical Doctors.  However, these products are are widely known in the global healthcare community to ease the effects and treat the poisoning. I researched thoroughly but never once found any list as extensive as this one prepared just for you. We pray you never have to use these, but if you do~ these items will help you. They’re great to have in a Bug Out Bag, because you never know what or when or where, a disaster may strike next. God save Us and God Bless You!





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  1. Awesome site! This is talking about some really scary stuff! What is worse, is that it’s true. In this day and age, we really cannot even determine exactly how much radiation we are exposed to, even in good times. Once, a friend of mine let me borrow her radiation meter, and found even my home was dangerous! Dimmer switches ,microwaves, etc, are a part of our lives, but can be dangerous to our health. That’s just where it starts. I recommend this site for any who care about combating the dangers of radiation.

    1. Thank you Sam.

      Yes, microwaves, cell phones…(I try to use my speaker and text features) but still- in your house is a scary thought! Years ago I I got to explore a Nuclear Submarine when it moored in Bangor – gorgeous ship, glass floors here and there- very impressive. In any case I was still somewhat naive about Nuclear energy and soon after receive a lessen I never forgot…Chernobyl!

      If you want to know more we have an informative post about Radiation Exposure and so much you can do to check your symptoms and purge your body.

      It’s all about the Truth and getting it out to try to effectuate a change in attitudes in the world. EXPOSED TO RADIATION? PRACTICAL HELP FROM PLANET PREP!

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