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Fire starting laces by Survival Frog  

$3.95 S&H


These truly are a must have in my book. My family uses them on every pair of boots we own. They really are a great way to turn an every day item into a real survival tool. You can read the full review of these guys by clicking the button below.

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Ultimate Paracord grenade survival kit

              Survival Frog.     $3.95S&H

para-gren-canvaThese are really nice little kits. Several feet of useful para-cord and inside, everything  you need to catch clean and cook a fish. My family and I all have one clipped to our B.o.B. Click the red button below for our full review.

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Emergency Blanketemergency-blanket-600x500
Para-cord Bracelet

You just can’t go wrong with these. With tons of different uses no bug out bag or home emergency kit should be without a couple for every family member. Order Now
Weather or not you wear em on your wrist or mole clipped to your pack, a little extra cordage never hurt anybody. We think they’re pretty damn cool looking too!! Order Now

    RFID Blocking Wallet Shield

Survival Frog   $3.95    

 With the mass implementation of chipped debit and credit cards digital theft of information is on the rise. Protect yourself with what amounts to a faraday cage for your wallet.

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Survival Playing CardsSurvival Cards
About Survival Frogsurvivalfrogsurvivalfrog-guarantee

These have got to be (BY FAR) the coolest deck of cards we’ve ever seen! 52 cards, 52 survival scenarios, and tons of useful tips. If you only order one thing off of this page, it should be this. Order Now
Since the founding of PlanetPrep about a year ago we’ve been working closely with Survival Frog. survivalfrog-security-verified-I tell you now: They’ve never done us wrong in all that time and we’re more than confident that any and every Citizen of Planet Prep can expect the same treatment

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Who among us doesn’t love leafing through a shiny new catalog now and then. All the better when it’s absolutely FREE. Major Surplus is based out of California and send out their catalog Quarterly.

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