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Gear Review – Fire starting boot laces

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Fire starting boot laces


By: Survival Frog

As Always….

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screenshot-fire-lacesIn my book…

On my list of The 10 most important survival rules, near the top of the list at number 2 is the rule of multiple uses that says, when building your Bug Out Bags or any type of survival kit to make sure that every item in said kit has more that one use or serves more than one purpose. In my book that’s the only way to even come close to being able to carry every thing you’re gonna need. These fire laces from Survival Frog accomplish this nicely. They’re the perfect example of an item that conforms to the rule of multiple uses.

I ordered two sets of these guys from Survival F rogs e-commerce site on a Saturday and found them in my mailbox the following Friday afternoon. They arrived regular mail in a padded envelope. The laces themselves are packed in clear plastic with Survival Frog business card  that gives you some fire starting basics.

Survival Frog only offers one length of laces but at 63 inches (5 feet) they’re plenty long for all but the tallest boots. You can find a very similar set on in multiple sizes all the way up to 108 inches. These laces are made from 7 strand 550 lb paracord that gives each lace just over 430 feet of usable cordage when broken down. the tips of the laces are the real prize measuring in at 1 and 3/8ths inch. With 60% of that being flint and 40% stainless steel     providing a nice little handle. also included are two sharpened metal strikers that lace on to your boots as shown above. Though it’s hard to tell in the pictures the strikers are razor sharp on one side, so sharp in fact I was able to shave hair from my arm after opening them and after wearing them around for a week.

A week on my boots and still in good shape

A little over a week ago after receiving my laces I immediately laced up my Doc martins with them. I intentionally left the top holes unlaced so that my knot would be extra long and let the tips drag the ground and bang around a lot. For the next week I wore them all over town and even out in the woods once on an impromptu shooting session with the wife to try out her new Glock-43 (that article coming soon in the Insurgent). I’m happy to report  that several puddles and one shooting trip later the worst thing to happen was the loss of one of the rubber caps that cover the flint, but even being wet and without the cover I was able to set a dry cotton ball ablaze in just two strikes.

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Price Breakdown


At $19.97  regular price these are some pretty spendy laces. Even the sale price is a bit of a stretch for a set of boot laces. I did find a different brand on amazon for $19.77 and some similar ones for $13.97.

That’s why I’m happy to be able to offer to you through Planet Prep an awesome deal of , you only pay $3.95 shipping with additional discounts the more you buy. One of the reasons why we like Survival Frog so much6monthguaranteehere on Planet Prep is their 6 month no questions asked guarantee that offers a level of security other sites lack.

In Conclusion

These fire laces from Survival frog have all the qualities of an excellent piece of gear. They effectively turn an item you wear everyday into a multiple use survival tool, and they keep a low profile with 99% of people never giving them a second glance. Their the kind of simple yet very clever prep that we love

We highly recommend this one to all the citizens of Planet Prep


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  1. Hi there Steve, great review.

    I am not so much for outdoor, nature-oriented activities, but I just love wearing nubuck leather working boots for everyday work. Sometimes I wear more casual looking boots as well.

    One thing I realise with boots is that other than the soles, the laces are the quickest to wear out. They will get very thin and very frizzly, even before 6 solid months of using them.

    What do you think about the shelve life of this fire starting boot laces? How long will they stay in shape with everyday use?

    Thanks Steve =)

    • Hey there back Farhan,

      I’ve only had them on my boots a couple weeks so i’m afraid you’ll have to ask me again in 5 and 1/2 months.

      I do have a few other things made from 550 cord and they’ve held up very well.

  2. Oh wow… I didn’t know that such a thing exist. I only encounter fire starter as a kit that you have to pack in your bag. Now, this makes it even more useful and handy in case an emergency does happen. I do find it expensive, And I sure hope it will last more than just a week of using it on my shoes.
    But things like this are interesting to know and I have a feeling that I might need one soon as climate changes and other catastrophes are happening all over the world.
    Thanks for the great review Planet Prep!

  3. These are awesome, and will last a VERY,VERY long time. I have a friend who swears by these, uses them over and over and especially during his many camping trips. .. Thanks guys….

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