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Gear Review: Paracord grenade survival kit

† Gear Review †

The Paracord Grenade Survival Kit

By: Survival Frog 


 As Always…

You have my word that everything in any review on planet Prep will always be 100% true and accurate. If ever you feel you have been mislead or there is anything you’d like more information about feel free to throw us a comment at the bottom of the page or send a message through our contact page. We’re always glad to hear from our readers and happy to answer any questions you may have.

   I want to say up front

That the majority of the photos you’ll see from here on in were taken by me here at my home and have not been altered or enhanced in any way. I mention this only because far too many times over the years I’ve beenpara-grenade fooled by pictures of products on the net. Somehow on sites like Amazon and others they always manage to make things so awesome in pictures. You order a product online convinced you’ll be getting exactly what you saw in pics and when it arrives what you end up with is a disappointment to say the least. The point being, I hate that shit and wont allow it on Planet Prep you really can trust the pics you see here.


 My two Paracord grenade survival kits arrived in a padded envelope regular mail. I was pretty happy with how fast Survival Frog got them to me. From the day I ordered to their arrival it was I think 5 days. As you can see in figure 1 they come packed in clear plastic with a Survival Frog business card detailing the items inside the kit.  The grenade itself is about 3 in long by about 1 1/2 wide with a 2 inch carabiner.

A word of warning

Should you decide to get one for yourself, do not remove the survival kit inside to check out the contents. I know it’s hard to resist the temptation of handling a new piece of gear but if you remove the kit you will NEVER get it back in. believe me, I spent at least an hour trying.

The Survival Kit


You know what they say about good things in small packages. The kit inside Survival Frogs paracord grenade is no exception. The tiny plastic box you see in figure 3 and 4 may only be a little over 2 and 1/4 inch from end to end but it’s life saving potential is at least several times larger. the main focus of the kit is fishing, with line, hooks, sinkers, floats, swivels and a piece of tin foil that could potentially be used for bait you’ve got everything you need to catch that fish dinner. Once you’ve caught that fish you can use the included large X-acto blade to clean it and the flint and cotton tinder to make yourself a fire and cook that guy.

the outer kit is made uo of a total of 9 feet of 55o lb paracord. Broken down to its 7 inner strands gives you just over 60 feet of usable cordage.

Please check out the video below for a closer look at the contents of the kit

Customer reviews


Price breakdown


Depending on Where and how you buy these guys the price varies quite a bit. On Survival Frogs Ecomerce website 1 kit will set you back $17.97 regular and $9.97 on sale.

While paying $9.97 for one of these would be money well spent we’re very happy on Planet Prep to be able to offer you 1 Paracord grenade survival kit for free with only $3.95 shipping and handling and beyond that first freebie for $6.97 with additional discounts the more you buy.

paragrenade-screenshotIn Conclusion

Over the years I’ve owned a lot of mini survival kits similar to this one. All to often they’ve been ridiculously expensive for the size and made up of mostly cheap and inferior components. I’m happy to report that Survival Frogs Paracord grenade survival kit is the exception to the rule. With high quality 550 lb paracord on the outside and a surprising amount of above average tools on the inside this little guy definitely has the goods to help get you out of a bad situation.

We highly recommend this one to all the citizens of Planet Prep


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  1. I’m glad I found this site. Thanks for sharing so many tools that one could need in an emergency. Can you recommend the best alternative to batteries? I.e. the best alternative power source for phones, laptop’s and larger items? Also, the best Bug Out bag for a couple, or would you recommend one bag per person?


    • Hey Sunny,

      So glad we could be of help.

      As far as an alternative to batteries there are a couple ways you could go.

      First is solar technology there are a ton of choices out there for charging your phone or laptop and even solar generators for larger items.

      I really don’t recommend buying a pre made BOB. You’ll have a much better kit if you build it yourself based on your individual needs. I do however recommend separate bags, theres always the posibility of getting seperated

  2. This a pretty cool site. I like the information you give about prepping. Many people find it unnecessary but I’m all about having it and not needing it rather than needing it and not having it. Also, I had no clue there were all these tools for survival. The lantern is a total winner in my book. This will not be the Last time I visit this site. Keep up the good work.

    • Hey Dee,

      Thanks for the vote of confidence. We really do appreciate it.

      Those people you mentioned that find it unnecessary to be prepared, just remember that they’ll be the ones begging at your door step for help should things ever go south in a big way

  3. When I see a website like this, I often wonder why so much of life should be spent in fear of DOOM and GLOOM!
    I am an honorably discharged veteran of the USAF & I have found in nearly 60 years of life that the more religious one tends to be the more they live in fear of the END, which is why they need to believe in a GOD to begin with?
    I will admit to having died in the 80’s from a cocaine overdose that I was brought back to life from, so perhaps I don’t fear death as much as many others do, I saw the other side or so they told me.

    People really need to get a grip.

    Sadly people make terrible decisions out of Fear of the Unknown, America has a long track record of hypocrisy & that type of behavior, the Drug War is probably the deadliest and most enormous example!

    I pass no judgment, I simply take note and try to understand, but it always comes back to the same place,
    Unfounded Fear followed closely by Greed harm so much more than they ever Help, while Education and Application will set one FREE!

    • Wow Gary,

      As a defender of the first amendment I recognize your right to your opinion but have to say I’m not sure how you arrived at them from reading a gear review.

      Planet Prep is NOT a site about doom and gloom. It’s about being prepared should it arise.

      Based on things I’ve seen with my own eyes peoples fears about the future are definitely not unfounded

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