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Planet Prep contribution guidelines 

Here on Planet Prep we recognize the fact that we do not know it all. So with that being said we encourage our readers and fellow preppers to share their knowledge with our community.

We want to hear all about your unique preps, your money saving tricks, what exactly your family is prepping for, and anything else that may be weighing heavy on your mind.

The guidelines for contributing an article or conspiracy corner content to are as follows:

  • To contribute you must be a citizen of planet prep.
  • All content must be relevant to the subject matter of Planet Prep.
  • Do not plagiarize.
  • Do not use any personal or identifying information you don’t want published.(This includes names, locations, phone numbers, emails, and the like.)
  • Keep any fowl language to a minimum.
  • Credit will be given to the author in their own name or a pseudonym if he/she chooses.  
  • Planet Prep reserves the right to the final edit of any and all content published.

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