Niburu fact or fiction

Niburu fact or fiction (part 1)

I started off on researching Nibiru a few months ago. Not really knowing much on the subject, I too was a skeptic. The more I researched, learned and saw, the more of a true believer I became.

this is a picture my friend, Jenny took. (Central Washington st.)

Seeing is Believing

 The videos and evidence that I saw were enough to make me believer like I said, but then a picture that my best friend of 30 years had on her camera, made this “conspiracy theory” a factual event in play. I write this not to scare people but to make people aware that “Nibiru” is headed this way and as a single mom of two beautiful young ladies, share the awareness so that we can all be prepared.                                                             I started seeing random pictures taken by everyday  people around the world. This “Planet X” or”Nibiru,” has been plainly seen for the last seven years. These pictures show two suns, mostly seen at sunrise and at sunset.

This Planet is Inbound with its own Entourage

Basically Containing its own Solar System.

      I researched and found many different theories, from researchers such as Terral Blackstar and Steve Olson, to Physicists and Astronomers. I found out this goes so much deeper than I ever imagined. All this information had me connecting dots on a major scale. It truly has been a journey, taking me from 9/11 to NASA (cutting live feed from the ISS). From there to chemtrails, (ramping up in 2015 world wide) from which have increased (not just to add extra protection against extreme solar flares that cause solar weather ) radiation, to setting our own Earth on fire, or so they want us to believe.

 The chemtrails are to help hide this Planetary system now that it is visible, as well as dump chaff out to poison us.  There are so many cover ups and lies, we as a whole have been spoon fed and because of this, forced into a deep slumber. Distractions of consumerism, especially with the younger generations full of subliminal messages, predictive programming,  and the”I want it now,” instant gratification attitude, along with the main stream media being owned by only a handful of corporations.

I’ll Share More of my Findings In Parts 2-6 of this Series with You

 The information and truth is out there. Have we as humans been so desensitized that we don’t even question anything?  It’s time to “wake up” and see what has been in front of our faces. The information and truth is out there.  I will break down the massive amounts of information point by point on this website, regularly so all facts can be exposed and leave all readers to decide if this system is “Fact or Fiction,” for yourselves.  In closing here is the video I mentioned at the beginning of this article. The one I could not deny. 

Video from Youtube channel WSO – User: Steve Olson


Above is the slowed down video of the weather balloon flight from back in June of 2016. As you can see the red orb to the right of the sun is definitely there.  This is the footage that I could see with my own eyes that made me a believer.  The planet that is more red in color than our own sun is thought to be the binary twin of our sun.

  Here are a few more Pictures of Nibiru
x pyramids


the sun



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