Nuclear Annihilation – Still a very real threat

Are nuclear weapons still a threat?

Nine out of ten Americans when asked this question answer no. Most people tend to think these days that because the cold war is over that nuclear annihilation is no longer a real threat. Over the past 15 or so years the subject of nuke’s has made it’s way to the back of most of our minds. I can not stress to you just how much of a mistake it is for you to let your guard down when it comes to keeping yourself and your family prepared for the possibility of nuclear attack. Be it a direct attack by a foreign power, nuclear terrorism, or even by accident the end result is the same.  

Every man woman and child lives under a nuclear sword of Damocles. Hanging by the slenderest of threads. Capable of being cut at any moment by accident or miscalculation or by madness” 

John F. Kennedy

 The cold war may be over but……

jupiter-missleThe cold war was technically over in 1991 however no one seems to have told that to the two big kids on the block who continue to stare each other down.The former soviet union still has their nuclear sights trained squarely on the United states and ours on them. Mutually assured destruction though not spoken of much these days is still very real. It’s true that both country’s have reduced their nuclear arsenals by half or more however when you consider the shear number of weapons in both arsenals you quickly realize that half means all of nothing.


Nuclear Terrorism

By far the greatest nuclear threat to us today in our brave new world is a terror group acquiring a nuclear devise. Unfortunately in today’s world it is easier than ever for individuals to get their hands on the highly enriched nuclear material needed to build a bomb. Add to that the fact that the actual building of a bomb is a relatively simple thing once the material has been attained and it adds up to a very real
threat to all of us.

nuke-picsMost know that if one wanted to bye or to steal weapons grade nuclear material that the place to do it would be the territories of the former soviet union. it is widely known that on March 20th 1995 the Japanese cult Aum Shinrikyo released sarin on the Tokyo subway. what is not widely known however is that the sarin was their second choice. their original plan was to bye a nuclear device in Russia. when that didn’t work out they actually went as far as to bye a sheep farm in Australia where they thought they could mine their own uranium and build a bomb themselves. 

There have been many cases of theft of highly enriched uranium or plutonium in the former soviet union. Every time there’s been a black market seizure of  nuclear material and it’s been traced back to it’s source it has come from Russia. 

Another case out of Russia involved a man who worked at the Luch nuclear fuel factory where they manufactured fuel out of highly enriched uranium. This man felt that his salary was seriously lacking and decided to get ahead he would steal and attempt to sell H.E.U on the black market. H
suitcase-nukee knew that tiny amounts of material would never be missed and if they were would be chalked up to normal industrial loss. Over the next 18 months he managed to squirrel away 1 and 1/2 kilos of so called yellow cake (highly enriched uranium) by smuggling out tiny amounts every day.

When the time came for him to make his move he quickly realized he had no contacts in the black market so he went for the next best thing available to him. he knew a couple guys who stole car batteries for a living who told him that their guy in Moscow who bought the batteries from them might be willing to buy his “yellow cake” and a meet was set. They arrived in Moscow at the appointed place and to their surprise the cops swept down on them. not to stop the sale of weapons grade uranium but to take down the car battery thieves and in the process discovered the uranium.

I share these stories with you to illustrate just how easy it would be for a well organized group dedicated to a cause to get a hold of the nuclear material needed to build a bomb. We’ve somehow managed to slide by thus far on pure dumb luck but as we all well know luck can’t hold out forever.

 By Accident, By Miscalculation, By Madness 

There are a few nuclear mishaps and accidents we all know of. The Cuban missile crisis and the Chernobyl disaster being the two most of us are familiar with. What might surprise you is just how many major accidents and close calls there have been over the years that in most cases where never even reported on in the main stream media.

Here’s a short list of “mishaps” involving nuclear weapons

  •  In 1968 the USS Scorpion sank 400 miles off the coast of the Azores. The nuclear ordinance on board where never recovered.
  • In the early 70’s a US B-47 bomber disappeared over the med. The plane, the crew, and the nuke on board where never recovered.
  • In 1959 a navy flying boat crashed off of Whidbey island Washington (right in our backyard). The nuclear depth charges on board where never recovered.
  • In the late 70’s a Skyhawk strike aircraft loaded with a nuclear bomb rolled off an aircraft carrier in the sea of Japan. The ordinance was never recovered.
  • In 1951 a B-52 bomber broke apart in mid air over Goldsboro NC. causing the two nukes on board to fall to earth. the firsts parachute deployed and landed safely. The seconds chute failed along with 5 out of 6 failsafe mechanisms and a nuclear explosion in the heart of america was narrowly  averted.

Since the fall of the soviet union the possibility of a nuclear accident has in creased exponentially.When the wall came down so did the Russian military/defense budget. Without millions of dollars being poured in to their various systems they began to deteriorate. Now with gigantic holes in their radar and broken satellites floating uselessly in space the chance of them mistaking a weapons test or space launch or even a UFO for an incoming missile  is higher than ever before. We all know what can happen next.

So how can we protect ourselves?

With a threat as vast as this it’s hard to know where to begin with our preps. I heard it said somewhere once that the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time, so with that in mind we’ll break this down one “bite” at a time.destroyed-container-bunker

The first and most obvious prep one can employ to guard against nuclear attack is of course an underground bunker, however the reality is that most of us can’t afford something like this. Other websites at this point might try and sell you on a DIY bunker using a shipping container. We won’t do that to you though because we know that by the time you’ve spent the money required to reinforce said container you could almost afford an actual bunker.

There are a few less expensive options when it comes to bunkers/shelters that wont leave you crushed inside a giant beer can. You could go
container-bunker with a small tornado shelter. In my research i found several 6 by 10’s in the range of $7.000 to $10.000. It’s true these are not meant for riding out the apocalypse but in a bad situation they could save your life.

Shipping containers are not out of the question. there is a right way to go about it. what i recommend is getting yourself a good set of plans and following them carefully.

If that sounds like something you might be interested in you can find a good set of plans here.  

What can we do above ground?

Well the bad news here is that if above ground and within the blast radius of a nuke nothing can save you. The good news however is that if that happens you probably wont feel a thing or indeed even know what hit you. A bright flash of light and it’s over. If you are lucky enough to escape the blast there are some measures you can take to protect yourself. If you’ve survived the blast your immediate concern is fallout.

There are some ways to minimize the affects of nuclear fallout. The first is to know when and where it is present. to accomplish this you need a Geiger counter.The digital Geiger counters of today are pretty slick and a far cry from the old ones. You can pick up a small handheld unit for around $100 and up. Here’s a link for a good one, if your interested this is the same one I own.


If for some reason you must venture into a irradiated area a full chemical suit would be best but not all preppers have the financial resources to secure such a prep. If your one who can you can find a good one here. If your not, what I recommend are tyvek overalls paired with a good gas mask you should tape the arms and legs closed and keep your hood tight and remember to dispose of your clothes and wash thoroughly before returning to you family to protect them from any transfer. 

If you’ve already been exposed to high level radiation and you believe sickness is imminent you can slow the effects and absorption by taking potassium iodide tablets. they are most likely available at your local drug store and no prescription is needed. The best deal I’ve found is here.

Oppenheimer said it best…

After watching Trinity, the very first nuclear detonation in Alamogordo New Mexico. Robert Oppenheimer summed things up very well when he said……..


As always we want to hear your thoughts on this subject so don’t be shy hit us with a comment!

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8 thoughts on “Nuclear Annihilation – Still a very real threat

  1. Wow, this is a cool site.

    The information about nuclear annihilation is appropriate in an age when Russia is considering the use of nuclear weapons in the Middle-east.

    I like the reference to potassium iodide. I wasn’t aware that it could treat radiation poisoning. Does it completely remove the radiation from the body? How does it work exactly?

    Thanks for sharing, this is valuable information especially since collapse seems imminent.

    1.…from-planet-prep Hi Ian, thanks for the feedback. We agree with you! Sadly, humanitys’ masses don’t have much information because of Mass Media. There are lots of alternative news sources and this is where everybody needs to get their news

      Hey I know your’e interested in the nuclear issue so here’s a link for you. I think it might answer your questions regarding the treatments for rad poisoning. Please check it and if it doesn’t answer your questions- drop a line and I will find out exactly what you want to know. PlanetPrep citizens have benefits~ sign up!

      friendship and peace to you!

  2. Greetings Steve. A threat which potentially cause chaos across the globe. In spite of the protection and high security of UN, there’s always a loophole.

    Accidents and mishaps may have been favorable to us, but there are occurence which ‘the plan/attack worked’. So, the culprits always studies the historic attacks to apply for the next one.

    Great tips on how to protect one from the devastation. From budget to small details like taking medication, you’ve covered quite comprehensively.

    1. Hi Tar~

      Thank you for the feed-back! We believe that Nuclear Energy is not necessary. Soon we’ll do some posts about the alternative energies out there. Your’e not going to believe it! Once you find out- it will disgust you that we are still burning fossil fuels and mining uranium!

      see ya later hopefully~

  3. Hi there I read through your site and I was very intrigued by all of the content about nuclear warfair, simply because I am very interested in that sort of subject, so I have read through every thing I could find and found was in order and a superb experience.

    1. Scott~ Lets all just keep our eyes and ears open and try to get mankind to realize we can and should live without it. You should check out our article on how to treat Radiation sickness/poisoning

  4. Nice article. You sure gave me a lot to think about. It’s scary to think that radioactive material could be so easy to steal. My question is if we build underground, how long could we stay there? I pray nobody pushed to button. I can’t afford a radiation suit or a bomb shelter.

    1. For me- I pray when/if it happens in my lifetime, that my family and I are at the center and never suffer radiation sickness or even know what hit us! Let’s all keep praying!

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