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What the hell is this Planet Prep Network?

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On Planet Prep it is our belief that the Survival/prepping community should be exactly that, a Community. We have NEVER been fans of the lone wolf approach.

The Planet Prep Network at its core is an alliance of like minded website owners and leaders of the Survival movement. It is our sincere hope that by banding together as allies instead of competitors we can all become even better at our respective crafts.

Let’s face it, the prepping/survival space is very crowded to say the least. In fact it may be right near the top of the list of crowded niches online today with new websites popping up almost daily. That being said, it is also a subject with never ending passion that draws the best kind of people.

So why join??

  PPN Member Benefit The Alliance 

The first and by far most important benefit of becoming a PPN member site is the Alliance  itself. It is my hope that by creating a united front and pooling all of our collective knowledge and skills we can all benefit. Why should we waste our time competing against each other? At the end of the day, we all want more or less the same thing.

  PPN Member Benefit  Cross Promotion/Link Sharing 

Every member site will be required to display at least one other member sites banner prominently on their home page.

  PPN Member Benefit  List Sharing 

Cast a wider net by Promoting your products to other member sites lists.

  PPN Member Benefit  Participation in “The Insurgent”

The Insurgent E-magazine began life a year ago as Planet Preps answer to the typicaThe Insurgent - March16l “done to death” newsletter. Half way into the first issue however Carrie and I realized that our eyes may have been bigger than our stomachs. Long story short, we decided rather than half ass it we would set it aside. 

All Planet Prep member sites are invited to contribute content and a few product links to The Insurgent that will be distributed quarterly to the lists of all contributing sites. 

With multiple sites on board we feel like this has the potential to be very cool indeed

This is a work in progress

Please understand that this is a brand new idea and as such will grow and evolve as time goes on.

All your ideas and thoughts are welcome!

I’m sure there is much i haven’t thought of and more still I’ll need help with moving forward. If you’re interested in talking further or have questions please give your contact info below or ask your question in the comments and I’ll get back to you ASAP

          Nothing Ventured,

                         Nothing Gained

Steve from Planet Prep