The Zombie Apocalypse (Could it actually happen?)


 Like it or not, These days Zombies are a part of our lives.

You can’t hardly turn on the tv or go to a movie without having the zombie apocalypse crammed down your throat. Don’t take me wrong, I dig the hell out of a good zombie movie and I’d be a liar if I said I wasn’t a fan of the Walking dead on AMC. In the past decade or so Zombies have hobbled their way into the hearts of us all establishing themselves near the top of the pop culture heap. Most of us recognize that zombies are a construct of fiction however, there are those of us (quite a lot actually) that truly believe the zombie apocalypse is not only a possibility but a probability and are actively prepping to beat back the hoardes of undead and survive the coming apocalypse.

Zombie Preppers

 When the army of the undead rises up. These guys will be ready.

Recently I’ve discovered that out there amongst the ever growing prepper army, exists a small but tough as nails group who believe that zombies are not only real, but a real threat. When I learned of this groups existence I thought to myself  “come on really? surely these people know zombies aren’t real”  but then I stopped myself because on Planet Prep one of our cardinal rules is never to unde
cartoon-zombier- estimate any threat. With that thought fresh in my mind I started digging for answers to the zombie question.

The consensus among the zombie preppers is that the coming zombie apocalypse will be started by some kind of super virus escaped or let loose from a government bio-weapons lab. Using this as a starting point I dove into google to see what I could find. Now I know it’ll be no surprise to you that information on what the government is up to when it comes to bio weapons is in very short supply. Undaunted by the brick wall I found myself nose to nose with, I pressed on with my research. Fast forward several hours and cut to me telling Carrie that maybe we should buy a couple swords just in case. Needless to say what I found freaked me out more than a little.

* A bit of Zombie history *

zombie (Haitian French: zombi, Haitian Creole: zonbi)

George Romero’s Night of the living dead in 1968 is widely thought to be the first appearance of  Zombies on film but the truth is, it was Bela Lugosi’s White zombie in 1932 (depicting undead Haitian slaves) that first introduced the world to the zombie. The original home of the zombie is Haiti where they were created by practitioners of Vudu. The legend of the zombie goes back all the way to the 17th century.

One story of note involved a man by the name of Clairvius Narcisse who was pronounced dead by two different doctors and buried in Haiti in 1962. He was found 18 years later wandering the village in a trance like state. He was thought to be a victim of a vudu curse.

A much more recent story that I’m sure most of you have heard of is the Miami zombie attack of 2012. 

By all accounts Ronald Poppo an elderly homeless man, was minding his own business on the McArthur causeway when he was savagely attacked by a completely naked Rudy Eugene. After delivering the first set of blows and knocking Mr Poppo to the ground, Eugene made his way on top of the helpless man and began to eat his face. Yeah I said eat. Passers by quickly called 911 and the police soon arrived on the scene. They first attempted to stop the attack verbally but Mr Eugene continued his meal. The cops then made the decision to use deadly force. The officer fired a single 9mm round into Rudy who didn’t even flinch and continued to eat the mans face. Five more shots later and Rudy Eugene was dead. Ronald Poppo was alive but had lost approximately 80% of his face.

It is not known exactly what caused Rudy Eugene to fly into a zombie like rage. Before the incident he was known to his friends to be an easy goin kind of guy. Some accounts have him using bath salts that day which are known to turn people into crazed shadows of their former selves however, the toxicology report showed only a small amount of pot in his system


The video below shows the aftermath of the Miami attack and is very graphic Discretion is advised


So, Is a real Zombie Apocalypse possible?

The answer is YES

I can’t tell you what Uncle Sam is cooking up in some government lab somewhere or if it will spark off the zombie apocalypse. What I can tell you however, is how it could happen based on real diseases that really exist all around us today.

zombie-street-signRabies + Flu = Zombie Apocalypse

The one disease known to man that truly could turn a man into a real zombie minus the undead thing is Rabies. You may or may not Know what rabies can do to a human being. I’m here to tell you it’s damn nasty. After being bitten by a infected animal a person may not feel any symptoms for up to 60 days. Unfortunately by the time symptoms manifest, it’s far to late for any treatment and the transformation begins. The first symptoms are mild enough, starting with itching and shooting pain from the bite site followed closely by flu like symptoms and irritability.The mildness ends here though.

The next set of symptoms are when you could say the zombification actually begins. The infected individual now starts to become confused and agitated finding it increasingly harder to think l
future-zombieogically. Soon after the departure of logic comes outright aggression, followed closely by absolute crazed viciousness toward anyone near them. Now exhibiting full on zombie like behavior it’s very interesting to note that the infected in almost every case develops hydrophobia (fear of water). Have you ever seen a zombie that could swim?

A rabies infected zombie does have a shelf life. once thy’ve progressed to the zombie point there’s about a week before the massive swelling of the brain causes seizures shortly leading to coma and death

So with rabies we have most of the hallmarks of a zombie,well everything but the whole undead thing. With a rabies inf
who-logoected individual we have a clumsy confused person who wants nothing but to rip your face off. We have the fact that anyone bitten will become infected and we have the fear of water. The World Health Organization statistics say that only 1-3 americans die from rabies each year however, world wide there are between 25 and 35,000 deaths a year. So here in the states we’re pretty safe but when venturing outside the country one should be vigilant.

So what about the apocalypse

foamers1Remember those government germ labs I mentioned earlier?  What those guys are up to is anybody’s guess. One thing is for damn sure, what ev
er it is it’s definitely not nice. Hypothetically, if the gov labs wanted to create a zombie virus all they would have to do is combine rabies with the common flu. Though my research revealed that this would be very difficult to accomplish, it is very possible. The scariest part of this would be because the rabies virus has a 30 to 60 day incubation period people would get the flu, recover from it and weeks later start showing symptoms of rabies. Never knowing they had been infected until it was far to late and in another week we could potentially have millions of crazed zombies on the streets.

If it happened…

How would you protect yourself?

Luckily these days with zombies occupying such a prominent place in pop culture and our minds there’s no shortage of awesome weaponry on the market specifically designed for the dispatching of the undead. For me I like the old standby, the stellar combination of my AR and my Glock-19 however, in the event of an actual Zombie Apocalypse acquiring ammo might be difficult, so being prepared to fight hand to hand is always a good idea.

Planet Preps Weapon picks for surviving

The Zombie Apocalypse


The number 1 pick is obvious. The good old fashion baseball bat. Our top pick because you can do a hell of a lot of damage with one and almost every home in america has one.

When battling the zombie horde the most important thing is to keep them at a distance. That’s why we’ve chosen this 3 1/2 foot spear. long enough to keep em back and with an 8 inch blade long enough to penetrate zombie brains


  Ok I admit it, these hand claws made the list mostly because of cool factor however C-factor aside how can a weapon you can’t drop be a bad thing.

Remember “fence duty” from The Walking Dead on AMC. This one we chose for its perfect simplicity. The zombie death spike is defiantly made for just getting the job done.

Ah yes, the machete. A definite favorite for cutting down zombies. Short and easy to control and wield this guy made our list for obvious reasons.

Last but not least is this Zombie Warhammer. We love this one for the distance it offers and the versatility of the business end which offers a blunt and a piercing option

So there you have it.

We hope you enjoyed this post. I know I had fun writing it. Now we’d like to hear from you. Tell us in the comments how you plan to survive the Zombie Apocalypse, What your favorite zombie weapon is and whatever else comes to mind. We always answer our comments so go ahead, let er rip!

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  1. This is honestly very scary! I am also a fan of Walking Dead, and we’ve seen it all too many times in various movies. We all think its fantasy, but you may actually be right, it may be possible given biochemical warfare. While it is scary to think of this being real, there is nothing wrong with being prepared. Maybe we should start thinking about the weapons you mentioned for survival.

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